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Dance The Night Away At Fred Astaire Dance Studio!

Sometimes you just want to dance! Our wedding coordinators, Stacey and Emily, recently had the opportunity to spend the afternoon dancing at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Windermere with instructor, Billy Bowser. The studio was beautiful and the instructors were so talented and friendly. Billy’s background in education really made the difference in the way he presented the dances to us. Every person learns in a different way and Billy is able to quickly adapt to each learning style. He was even able to help our klutzy wedding duo gracefully slide across the dance floor like pros! We were really excited to hear about the customized wedding dance programs offered at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Their team can help you with anything from simple instruction to choreographed dances in private or group lessons. Practice makes perfect and our friends at Fred Astaire Dance Studio know this. They offer open dance evenings for their students so they can come in and practice a variety of dances with others who are also learning. So if you are considering a choreographed dance for your wedding party or an elegant first dance, definitely let check out Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Windermere.. A beautiful dance is such a unique touch to make your wedding a day to remember!

8815 Conroy Windemere Rd. # 208

Orlando, FL 32835

Phone: 407-217-5997