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Summer Weddings in Florida

Florida is known for its notoriously hot summers, especially here in Central Florida.

Most of the time couples veer away from having weddings in July or August in Florida. But, there are ways to beat the heat, especially when the best deals are on the table, being that July and August are the most cost effective times in the year to have a Florida wedding.

If you are on a budget, and dream of a beautiful tropical wedding, it is possible in Florida for the Summer season. Take the beautiful destination wedding we just coordinated for a lovely couple from Scotland at the Orlando World Center Marriott Spa Terrace. This beautiful wood deck looking over the pond, golf course and lush tropical foliage is an ideal location. By adding personal touches and accents made this wedding quaint and picture perfect.

Tip #1-We highly recommend when having a summer outdoor ceremony, request an ice filled bucket with wash cloths from your venue. This allows for the reverse hot towel “luxury” you get at a fine dining experience. The cool cloth provides a refreshing sensation, place it on the back of your neck and you will feel much cooler (and not ruin ladies makeup). A great amenity for your guests on those boldly warm days.

Tip #2 –Provide shade if at all possible. Large market umbrellas, under some beautiful trees or if budget allows professional misters and air movers can help bring down the feel of the temperature by 10 degrees.

Tip #3 –Prepare your guests for the heat. Make sure your guest are well informed that you intend to get married OUTSIDE in Florida and that it will be HOT, so they can dress appropriately. This is best paired with a more casual reception, asking guests to dress in formal attire for a day light summer wedding in Florida is frankly a lot to ask. If you dream of a formal wedding, then find a venue with a lovely indoor garden atrium in air-conditioning, many hotels in Central Florida offer this amenity. Conversely you also want make sure your 20 year old cousin doesn’t show up in a bathing suit.

Tip #4 –Keep the ceremony short – real short – for our UK couple, since it was small guest list of family and close friends, we asked the guests to wait inside the hotel lobby until everyone was ready and then we escorted them out to the wedding location. The total time the guests were outside was less than 20 minutes and with those iced down tea towels, the time outside was bearable, even in full dress wool kilts.

Tip # 5 –Have a rain backup plan. It will mostly likely rain at any given day and at any moment in the months of June through August in Central Florida. Have a backup plan that you feel good about how the pictures will look. Have a floral and decoration design back up for the space as well. At LOVE Special Events we make sure to recommend decor elements that can easily be moved inside with less than 1 hour “rain call”. As well as some “shower” proof options that can withstand our infamous “5 minutes of passing rain”.

Much thanks to Mr. & Mrs Hill, spreading some Summer LOVE and wedding happiness. Wedding Photographs by Jen Adams & Associates:

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