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Welcome fabulous people!

My name is Shalita, Special Events Coordinator & Marketing Analyst for Love Special Events. I am a newly engaged bride-to-be as well and relate to many of you humble…bridezillas 🙂 I am also of Indian descent so I understand culture, family, and all the complications that come along with pleasing everyone in the family…because after all, they act like they are the ones who are getting married to your fiancé.

I know all the stress that comes along with planning a wedding and all major events. I have seen it too many times where the bride and groom think they can DIY everything until the day of, but where is the enjoyment in that? I just don’t see it…trying to juggle baking your own cake and making centerpieces at the same time?

There are too many times that the question of cost for a wedding planner is discussed—totally understood. What I ask you is, is it worth the back and forth phone calls while at work, is it worth the 100 trips to Michael’s Arts and Crafts to find the right size vase, oh and don’t forget, you have to get all of those invitations out and RSVP’s counted?

Seriously…relax…let’s walk through this together. I want you to have the least painful and stress free planning ever. Don’t forget you guys are planning on having kids, I won’t be there to walk you through that one, so let me take one thing off your plate. Before you hire your wedding planner, make sure they listen to you and by listen to you, I mean completely understand your family, your background, and your budget. When you walk out of a consultation with me, I want to be your best friend.

First thing when going to a consultation, know your budget and know the reality of what you are asking for. If you just don’t know, then ask, it won’t hurt. There are some planners who charge a flat fee and others who charge a percentage based on the budget. Know the difference between “full service” planners and “day of” planners. I am a full service planner, therefore I handle everything from start to end which includes site contracts, entertainment, décor, rentals, guests’ requests, invitations, catering, rehearsals, cake, bridesmaids, groomsmen, hair/nail/gown & tux appointments, photography, transportation, honeymoon, and most importantly mother-in-laws. I got this!

Secondly, tell me what you envision during the planning process and the day of your wedding. A good planner hears you, a great planner listens! I want to listen to your every detail. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s time to make a priority list…because would you rather spend extra money on those chairs or on the entertainment?

Third, did you bring pictures? I would definitely suggest you bringing pictures, even if you pull it up on Pinterest or Instagram which, by the way, are the most popular for brides to refer to for most of their ideas and themes. If you don’t know exactly what you want, I will give you options. Understand that a good planner will give you an array of ideas, and a great planner will give you up to three options based on what you envisioned.

Next, what are you totally against and restricting when planning? This includes certain colors, food choices, venues, themes, ceremonies, beliefs—even guest invites.

Finally, who makes the final decisions during the entire process? There has been many situations where the bride and I have put together an entire game plan and her fiancé was controlling the money and the show which changed the entire direction of everything. The best advice I can give is to have the person who is paying for it all to be at the consultation—that does not mean bring the whole family. We would prefer to keep the consultation personal and for the bride and groom-to-be only but we understand if there are some determining factors.

So there you have it! If this is not a start to your wedding consultation process, you are on your own. Be sure not to “interview” more than three wedding coordinators. When coordinators feel like they’re in an interview they don’t feel like they OWN it. I want to OWN it. I want you to feel like a guest at your own event.

Just remember ”Keep Calm & Say I Do…Leave the Rest to LOVE!”

-Shalita Persaud

Wedding Coordinator & Marketing Analyst


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